In our estate we produce grapes and wines while caring for the land, following eco-sustainable practices to protect the environment and its biodiversity.

We manage our vineyards following the integrated production standards of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. These standards stipulate coordination and rationalization of all production factors with the aim of minimizing techniques that have an impact on the environment or on the health of consumers.

Some examples:

  • We only use chemicals which have the lowest impact on health and the environment and reduce the number of applications by monitoring diseases and insect pests;
  • We favour natural balance, mowing the inter-rows of our vineyards alternatively to guarantee the presence of pollen and shelter for bees and other useful insects;
  • We use underground drip irrigation systems, because water is a precious resource;
  • Our wine cellar is completely powered by a photovoltaic system that is orientated to the south, so transforming the light of the sun into renewable energy.

We do all this to obtain premium products, believing that protecting our land, your health, and the environment is essential in making a premium wine.